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Child writing in a classroom

Functional Assessment

At The Perfect Child, we take pride in our loyalty to the science of applied behavior analysis, including the evidence based order of treatment. The first step is conducting a functional assessment, either in the school or home setting. A Licensed Behavior Analyst will assess and analyze the behaviors  using highly regarded and proven methods to identify behavioral and social deficits to develop a comprehensive individualized treatment plan.

ABA Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis is an evidence-based treatment approach that has been proven to help children diagnosed on the autism spectrum. Our LBA/BCBAs are trained to help these children succeed by implementing individualized behavior plans to reduce non-functional behaviors as well as increase functional behavior. The Perfect Child works individually with each child to help improve communication, adaptive learning skills, and environmental relations.

Student learning at desk with a tutor
Parents watching a child write in a notebook

Coordination of Care

At The Perfect Child, we believe that every child deserves care around the clock. Therefore we take pride that we coordinate with your child's school and its teachers. We help guide educators in how to best work with children who need extra services. With coordination of care between our BCBAs, parents, and teachers, our children will have a great chance of succeeding!

Parent Training

Every parent should be given the understanding and ability to best work with their child’s specific needs. The Perfect Child values the role of educating parents and family members of the methods of applied behavior analysis, the behavior protocol implemented, and the results of assessments and treatment plans. We provide parent training with a professional LBA/BCBA to help ensure that your child has the best chance of success!

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