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Our team at The Perfect Child does a great job! It's always a wonderful feeling to receive recognition from a colleague. Check out our recent Staff Shoutouts!

To: Kelly S.    

From: Emily G.    

Kelly always makes herself available to answer all of my questions, and even those that blind side her! She brings a sense of humor to lighten things up, and seems to always be working to help all of us and her clients!

To: Melissa R.    

From: Janelle G.    

We are lucky to have Melissa, she seeks/takes feedback, and is so creative with teaching and NET!

To: Tanika J.    

From: Kara-Lee D.    

Starting a brand new case I is not always easy, especially when the client is asking you to leave thought a 4 hour session. Tanika was absolutely amazing at how she turned that session around and remained contingent on every demand. By the end of session, the client was asking her to stay.

To: Kiara B.    

From: George E.    

Kiara is a hard working and compassionate BT who takes her job seriously and is helping her client progress by leaps and bounds.

To: Christina H.    

From: Shantorius M.  

Thanks for all your help and support !! You're a great BCBA!!

To: Alicia B.    

From: Ally L.    

Alicia has done an amazing job with her client! She stays on top of her client's ever changing motivation and keeps me updated as well! I appreciate all the hard work you've done with him and his toilet training program!

To: Gabriella    

From: Khalid O.    

Gabriella is a great BCBA trainer she always helps me.

To: Xavia H.    

From: Jessica .    

Thank you Xa for all your hard work and dedication! You client has made incredible progress because of you!

To: Imran    

From: Kyle

Always assisting me whenever needed! Keep up the great work!

To: Ruby G.    

From: Janelle G.    

Ruby always has a positive outlook on session and has amazing communication with families and BCBAs!

To: Dovid F.

From: Eva W.    

Thanks for always being so cheerful and always doing such a great job!

To: Kelly G.    

From: Harmonee G.    

Kelly G is amazing!! We share the same client. She always contacts me with new ideas and ways we can improve as a team! She has been a very big help

To: Brandie B.    

From: Korri S.    

Thank you for being one of the BEST BCBA a person can ask for. You have no problem answering a million of my questions and even giving me examples. The grace you have shown me, I thank you .

To: Dovid F.   

From: Brian B.   

Hey Dovid, you rock! Keep up the fantastic work and dedication! Your efforts are truly appreciated.

To: Jonathan D.  

From: Madeline F.    

Thank you for all of your help regarding assessments and problem solving for my clients!

To: Chaston W.

From: Madeline F.    

Thank you for all of your commitment, hard work, and great communication this week with your client!

To: Tiffany Rojas    

From: Madeline F.    

Tiffany is such a rockstar with her clients and I know both myself and the families appreciate her!

To Emiliano Q.    
From: Gabriella M.

Thanks for your consistency and patience!

To: Yasmine S.    

From: Juan M. 

Yasmine S. is a true professional that is highly knowledgeable in the fields of education and ABA. I’m fortunate to have her as my BCBA and continue to learn from her.


To: Rosemary S.    

From: Jessica G.    

Rosemary strives very hard to provide NATURALISTIC aba. She combines multiple targets and facilitates meaningful learning that will last a lifetime! Keep up the hard work!

To: Mackenzie C.    

From: Karley B.    

Best BCBA!


To: Tia W.    

From: Jessica G.    

Tia is very kind, hardworking, and ensures she really connects with her client!


To: Hop T.    
From: Leanna G.    

Hop is an amazing member of our admin team and is always helpful and caring in her support of the BCBAs at TPC. We appreciate all her hard work and dedication to our team.

To: Gabrielle C.    
From: Leanna G.    

Gabrielle is an absolute gem! She did an amazing job subbing for several clients, and the caregivers reached out to express how their kids enjoyed every minute of therapy.

To: Jaren P.    

From: Alexandra G. B.    

Great job with your client this week!

To: Rose L.    

From: Charnika P.    

To Rose, our incredible BCBA – thank you for your unwavering support and exceptional guidance. You're simply the best!

To: Luke A.    

From: Liliana S. A.    

Luke is a team player! Luke took over my clients while I was on vacation and families have commented on his professionalism and much appreciated assistance.  Way to go Luke!

To: Melina G.    

From: Krishnadeepthi V.    

Diving in to the task and taking over the session as a rockstar. demonstrating strong pairing skills and delivering instruction with a naturalistic approach that effectively engages learner.

To: Kiesha W.    

From: Deja J.    

You are the best BCBA I’ve ever had the privilege of working under and I appreciate your patience and dedication to not only the clients but the people serving them in the homes and building us up.

To: Brian L.
From: Dovid F.

Thank you for all your help with our IT needs! Your communication and speedy response time is greatly appreciated!


To: Marina M.
From: Michelle F.

Marina is an amazing RBT! She is extremely positive, patient, empathetic, and she shows the upmost dedication to her client. I am so grateful for all  her efforts and collaboration with me.
To: Lori B.    

From: Samantha J.    

I am new to TPC and my BCBA Lori has made me feel so welcome and always available if I need help, encouraging me and making sure I feel supported. I’m so excited to be working at TPC.

To: Simcha B.    

From: Ruby G.    

I have high commendations for Simcha for his attending to RBTs growth, needs and guidance. Truly caring about the entire ABA process from A to Z. Thank you Simcha for your attention and leadership.

To: Michelle F.    

From: Marina M.    

Thank you for being a wonderful, caring and considerate BCBA. Our sessions are always a blast when you join. So far I have loved working with you and I think we make a great team.


To: George E. 
From: Kiara B.

George is hands down one of the BEST most informative and helpful BCBA I have worked with! Keep up the amazing work!


To: Brian B.
From: Dovid F.
Brian is amazing leader! It is a pleasure to work with you on a daily basis!

To: Sophie C.
From: Kelly M.

She has been extremely helpful with my case! She genuinely cares about the clients growth and making sure the therapists on her team are supported through every aspect!

To: Cynthia E.

From: Mariam A.    

Cindy is an outstanding BCBA. She truly is knowledgeable and supportive. She goes above and beyond. She has taught me so much, and I appreciate all of her hard work.

To: Natalia D.
From: Lori B.

Natalia has done a tremendous job with her client! His parents are thrilled with his progress! He now keeps himself occupied between sessions - HUGE progress!

To: Kelly S.
From: Kaleigh G. 
Kelly is amazing to work with! She is always available to answer questions and provides excellent feedback. Her supervision truly makes a difference in my daily workload as a BT.

To: Cynthia E
From: BreAnna

Cynthia has proactively taken the initiative to lead a cohort meeting to assist team members with questions about medical necessities. She is an exemplary leader.

To: Elizabeth V.
From: Leanna G.
Elizabeth has established a calm and friendly atmosphere during the session, making our client feel secure and encouraging him to interact with his peers, which has always been a challenge.

To: Iyana G.
From: Stacie M.

I have worked with more than a few BCBA’s since I began working as a BT, and Iyana has surpassed them all! I am truly grateful to have such an understanding, communicative, and supportive BCBA!

To: Sanjoy G.

From: Alexandra B.

Sanjoy you are so helpful with my IT issues! I appreciate your help with Adobe this week and PDFs. I hope you have a great week!

To: Breanna N.
From: Alexandra B.

Breanna thank you for being such a smart and compassionate boss.  You have really helped me transition to telehealth smoothly!

To: Lori T.
From: BreAnna

Thank you for your creative ideas and resources to ensure fun times for staff.

To: Eva W.
From: BreAnna  
Thank you for manding the ship at our MS Clinic and going above and beyond for staff!

To: Tittus T.
From: Nikki C.  
RBT to New BCBA on staff!!  Congrats, you've been working so hard provide services to our families while completing your BCBA!

To: Kayla G.
From: George E.

From before my first day at TPC Kayla has been going out of her way to help and is always there when you need her. She makes all of our jobs easier with all of her hard work. Thank you for everything!

To: Diane S.
From: MacKayla K.

This RBT is absolutely amazing! There isn't enough space here to describe how great she is doing with our client! She has taken a challenging case and made such an impact on his life.

To: Christina H.

From: Robyn O.

As an RBT that asks a lot of questions, Christina has been so open and respectful every time we talk. She's an amazing supervisor and is always there for me as a supervisor and mentor. :)

To: Imran
From: Dovid F. 
Thank you Imran for always assisting! The work you do is incredible.


To: Tiffany R.
From: Madeline F.    

Thank you for always keeping a great mindset during your sessions and for maintaining great communication each week! Keep up the great work!

​To: Bonnie
From: Alyssa 
I want to shoutout Bonnie for always being available and quick to answer any of my silly questions!! The feedback I get from her is very helpful. I am so lucky to have Bonnie as my analyst:)

To: Dovid F.
From: Kyle B. 
With innovative flair and data-driven insights, you've mastered the art of marketing. Your impact is undeniable – keep shining!

To: Jessica C.

From: Christina H.

Jessica is amazing! thank you for always being there when i need you and providing feedback!

To: Gabriella M.
From: Emiliano Z. Q.  
Gabriella cares so much for her clients & is great at what she does! I often get emotional by her outpouring of generosity and compassion for our clients. She says its nothin', but its everything.

To: Grace B.    

From: Janelle G.    

Grace is on a couple of my cases and caregivers and clients have made tremendous progress! I knew Grace was an amazing BT when on day two I received this text from a family: "Grace has done more for [X] in two days than other companies have in years." Client has 58 targets mastered in 3 months!

To: Daniel H.    

From: Jessica G.    

Danny goes above and beyond to understand programs and implementing them with great fidelity.

To: Emily G.    

From: Mehwish A.    

Emily is such a great Bcba! Our communication for our client is always smooth. My queries are responded so promptly! The way she Brian storms with me gives me a chance to learn different ways to create or model Programs for the kiddos.

To: Jessica G.    

From: Jasmin P.    

Thank you for being an amazing BCBA and caring about everyone in the team! Your resilience is inspiring Jess !

To: Kelly S.    

From: Bonnie K.    

HOW DOES SHE DO IT ALL?! I think this to myself frequently as I see just how appropriately involved and responsive Kelly is as our clinical lead/director. She is truly the most supportive person to have running things for Ohio (and beyond) and we are so thankful for her engagement.

To: Heaven D.    

From: Sophie C.    

Shout out Heaven for being such a compassionate and amazing therapist to your patient each day!

To: Deja J.    

From: Kisha W.    

I'd like to shout out Deja J. She is a wonderful RBT that always give 100%!

To: Christy S.    

From: Jess G.    

Christy is very patient. She arrives every day ready for the challenge. She works very hard for overall progress with her client that will be meaningful and last a lifetime.

To: Paige D.    

From: Rose L.    
She is creative, always shows interest in programming and learning more about her client and ABA.

To: Tom L    

From: Brian B.    

Tom is always going above and beyond to WOW our families!

To: Charnika P.    

From: Rose L.    

Is extremely patient, and caring, and always updates her supervisor.

To: Janelle G.    

From: Ruby G.    

I have high commendations for Janelle as a professional & an individual. The consistency in the High Level performance is outstanding. She demonstrates excellence in her field daily. Thank you


To: Micayla S.    

From: Michelle F.    

Cayla is fantastic and deserves extra special praise. She is amazing at collaboration, implementing feedback, and takes initiative by creating materials. Clients have flourished with her support!


To: Jessica G.    

From: Tyler G.    

Thank you to the best BCBA there is

To: Iyana G.    

From: Crystal    

Thanks for being such an amazing BCBA!!!!! You always go above and beyond and I appreciate you!

To: Jessica G.    

From: Tia    

Great BCBA, very understanding and patient with her clients! Thank you!

To: Jamin P.    

From: Jessica G.    

Jasmin works hard to provide consistent, effective ABA that is meaningful. She is very patient and kind to her clients. She is one of a kind! Thank you!

To: Harmonee G.    
From: Kelly G.

Harmonee you’re a impressive worker and Thank you for all the hard work you put into everything you do!

To: Tyler G.    

From: Jessica G.    

Tyler has made a connection that allows him to provide therapeutic support to older clients. This is a unique skill. Thank you for always being flexible and trusting me as we find creative ways.

To: James P.    

From: Jessica G.    

James works hard getting to know the field of ABA. Expanding upon the applied piece of ABA has been fun and I enjoy working with you!


To: Patricia M. 

From: Luisa G.   

Great support during my first months with TPC!! Thank you so much! And I really appreciate the clinical knowledge you shared with me    

To: Kelly S.    
From: Leanna G.    

Thank you for being an exceptional leader, offering outstanding guidance, and providing support to my team when needed. We are grateful to have you!

To: Adela T.    
From: Megan M.    

Adela's hard work and unwavering dedication is truly valued! Her creative teaching style and thirst for knowledge continues to expand her skill set and help her client progress across all domains.

To: Natalie S.    

From: Lindsey A.    

Shoutout to an awesome BCBA!


To: Ivanna P.    
From: Jess G.  

Ivanna has just started with Her client and she is striving. She continues to be client driven, best research based practice-driven, yet still provides compassionate Aba.


To: Gabriella M.    

From: Emiliano Q.    

Gabriella is a passionate, brilliant, caring and diligent hands on BCBA. She continues to tirelessly be active and aware of all details of our clients and how to accomplish program goals. Simply the best


To: Mareshah O.    

From: Leanna G.    

Mareshah is an exceptional member of our admin team who consistently follows up with me diligently. I truly appreciate her attention to detail!

To: Shari B.

From: Caitlin R.

Shari is a wonderful boss and a great support to have!

To: Sophie A.    

From: Janelle G.    

Sophie has great communication, is very observant of learner needs and behaviors, and fluently pairs ASL with vocal language throughout session for our learner! She's amazing!

To: Valisa W.

From: Dovid F.

Vee is the ultimate professional! It is a pleasure to work with you on a variety of projects. Your knowledge, hard work, and dedication is great appreciated!

To: Javier J.    

From: Janelle G.    

Javier motivated an older individual we serve to include physical fitness into his routine and went above and beyond thinking of things to motivate his learning during NET!


To: Kasia M.
From: Dovid F.

It is an absolute blessing to work with Kasia! You go above and beyond to make every project we work on successful. Thank you!

To: Karley B.    

From: Mackenzie C.    

Karley has done such an amazing job with scheduling as well as making sure all programs are run daily! She always shows up with a smile and is a great communicator to her BCBA! :)

To: Marcia J.    

From: Janelle G.    

Marcia is caring and always actively engaging and modeling language throughout session, not 5 seconds of silence goes by and our little one we serve runs up to her every morning with a huge smile!

To: George E.
From: Mirian B.  
I've met so many BCBA's, they are all wonderful. But my supervisor is one of a kind, haven't  seen a BCBA like George; he goes out of his way for his clients. My BCBA ROCKS TPC!!!!!!!!!!!!

To: Gabriella
From: Khalid O.  
Wonderful Trainer

To: BreAnna N.

From: Lori B.

BreAnna is an incredible leader - she is supportive, calm, encouraging, available, resourceful, diplomatic, and so much more!!  I'm so thankful to be a part of her team!

To: Lillye B.
From: Dovid F.

It is a pleasure to work with Lillye! Your attention to detail and ability to help with any project is greatly appreciated!

To: Samantha J.
From: Lori B.

Samantha has been such an amazing addition to our team!  Her positivity and natural ability she has to help our client problem-solve tough situations are special qualities!  So thankful for you, Sam!

To: Karla L.    
From: Kylie G.  
AMAZING work with client. Huge compliment from caregiver stating how much growth she has seen in her son.

To: Hop T.    
From: Alexandra B.

Thank you Hop for always being so responsive and kind! You have been very helpful during my first year as a BCBA with billing questions and I look forward to working with you more!

To: Whitney G.
From: Alexandra

Whitney you are so smart!!!! I love talking Behavior Analysis with you and I’m glad you’re my RBT!

To: Jamila H. B.
From: Lynne Schaber  
Miss Jamila is an amazing member of our team! Her dedication, knowledge, and sincere care for her clients and families is evident in the work and progress with her clients. Shout out to Miss Jamila!

To: Krishna
From: Markia C.

She is the best! Very knowledgeable

To: Evelyn V.    
From: Alexandra B.

Evelyn you show an incredible amount of dedication to your job and the client you work with. I enjoy speaking with you about our client and look forward to supervision with you!

To: Renetra C.
From: BreAnna

Thank you for going out of your way to ensure Mississippi Clinics have the support they need!

To: Renetra C.
From: Alexandra B.

Renetra is the champion of printing things thank you so much for printing and mailing things when you do for us.

To: BreAnna N.
From: Lori T.

Thank you for all your support and guidance on everything from clinical questions to reassessments! We could not be "us" in the Meridian Clinic without "you" being you!

To: Hop T.
From: Lori T.

Thank you Hop for always being so positive and getting our access requests taken care of so quickly! I appreciate you!

To: Tricia G.

From: Sophie

Tricia you are so kind and compassionate towards our client. I love watching you interact with her, the family, and her teachers in such a respectful and effective way! They are lucky to have you!

To: Julie M.
From: Bonnie K.    

Julie goes above and beyond in thinking about reinforcers for her client, brainstorming ideas for programming outside of session, and always checking in to ensure she’s running programs accurately!


To: Sophie C.

From: Patricia G.

Sophie has been such a supportive supervisor and a committed BCBA. I appreciate her for always going above and beyond to support me and help provide the best services possible to our client.

To: Angelliany M.

From: Madeline F.

Angelliany is doing great with her new client and making sure that she brings a positive and energetic attitude to each session! The family and myself appreciate you so much!

To: Iva C.
From: Kyle B.

With grace and professionalism, you navigate the intricacies of HR, making our workplace a better space for all. Thank you for your outstanding service!​

To: Kelly S.
From: Marena M.

Kelly goes above and beyond to talk me through tricky situations, to help me build my skills as a BCBA, and to help me navigate those everlasting peer reviews.  I have not worked in many places where I feel as supported as I do with TPC and Kelly is a huge part of that. She is extremely knowledgeable and provides so many resources to help ensure we are providing the best services and that we feel confident in our work as practitioners. I am so thankful that I get to have Kelly's support every day along with the support of everyone else! 

To: Nicole L.
From: Sara B.

Working with Nicole is a fantastic experience. She always goes the extra mile for the children she works with; her dedication is evident in how she tailors activities to each child's unique needs.

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